GTA N00bmode 2.0

Lets beginners easily play and learn the popular game

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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    7.1 (63)

With GTA N00bmode, casual Grand Theft Auto IV players can access insane cheats that fundamentally transform their gaming experience. Endless advantages are instantly unlocked by applying this unlicensed add-on to a PC copy of Rockstar's ultra violent video game hit.

There is unlimited entertainment to be found in this clever third-party expansion. The extras can be used in three different arenas. To implement destruction without deviating from the game's standard course, the Normal mode is the way to go. Alternately, the developers decided to add an approach called Stripped. This version of game-play removes everything but the core foundation, which leaves players abandoned in a desolate ghost city. For maximized potential, the title is also equipped with a third style that is simply known as Opened Up, which eliminates the constraints placed by plot points to instantly explore the entire in-game universe.

Once players have selected their preferred N00bmode, it is time to unleash rampant chaos. All manipulations can be turned on and off with a simple menu listing the available toggle switches.

For example, the top mod instills an invincible god mode. Superbikeskill is next; this lets players employ crazy trick techniques on their two-wheelers. There is also the ability to adjust the rates of vehicular flips and explosions. Another separate option grants the capacity to completely cancel car collisions with super brakes. On the other hand, gamers can induce more crashes with the Nitro Oxide mode. This enhancement intoxicates the driver, which gives players a realistic ride under the influence of chemical fumes.

The Wanted level can be adjusted at whim to reduce the presence of law enforcement. Players can also utilize Bullet Time to slow down the motion of projectile firearms á la The Matrix, hence the tributary name. For major convenience, there is also now a way to save the game at any given moment.

Another intriguing element of this mode is its creation of user-controlled gangs. Players can amass massive groups of thugs to do their dirty bidding. With unlimited weapon modes that have ammo refills included, it is possible to arm the entire operation with bazookas, tanks and helicopters.

Perhaps the most useful addition is the ability to conjure cash with a mere click of an internal menu button. The final command is aptly titled Get Money.

The most exciting feature is definitely the vehicle menu. Players can summon every car in the game within seconds. A conveniently arranged catalog neatly classifies automobiles into obvious categories. They are succinctly divided into 2-door sedans, 4-door cars, street racers, light trucks, heavy trucks, muscle cars and recreational vehicles. With this mode, the most elite engines are provided right from the start.


  • Instantly unlocks everything
  • Prevents dying to ease difficulty
  • Adds serious entertainment value


  • Makes the game too easy, especially for seasoned players
  • Stripped mode is practically useless
  • Sort of illegal to install

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